Friday, September 10, 2010

So I went......all ready to do my speech.  My 80 something year old professor who I swear has dementia walked into class and says " Well okay, so we got speechs due next week, lets talk a little more about to how to prepare"......There was a hush and a shhhh.......dont tell him mutter that rolled across the classroom.  I was the one in the class that desperately wanted to stand up and say " No, Mr. is the 9th, our speeches are due today"  ...........Oh but that classroom would have jumped me in the parking lot.  I almost cried. I spent the next few hours listening to him drone on (sounding very much like Charlie Brown's teacher) and copying my Biology notes. 

But enough about that......or this could be a very long post.

I really want to do some catching up. 

I had a birthday.....which I wrote about a little because I talked about doing a 32 before 32....which I still have not done. 

I made myself cupcakes

Cute little icecream cone cupcakes.  By the way.....they are so much better the second day when the cone gets soggy.  Just saying

Later that night........J and I would sit in the kitchen adding even more frosting to them.....because its fun and I had the fancy tips out. 

Oh and Miley ate 3......which I totally freaked about because it was chocolate........

Then a few of my friends showed up and made my weekend!  Love you girls!

We partyed like Rockstars......

J partied too. Excuse the was 3 sheets
good times....

Okay it has taken me approximately 8 hours to do this post because of some Greyhound drama.  So apparently this is all the catching up I can muster for the day. 

I assure you she is fast asleep beside my bed....and all is right with the world.

I am glad it is Friday....though not the day I wanted it to be.
Looking forward to a nice relaxing stay at home weekend.  Hopefully I will get to enjoy a glass of wine with Ky, and maybe get some studying done,



Dazee Dreamer said...

Damn that professor. double damn.

Anonymous said...

I would be so livid. I also would always practice outloud whenever I had to give a presentation and got all hyped up about it. I cannot imagine having it postponed. Yikes. Oh well...on the bright side? One more week to practice.